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Thesis offer





Title of the Ph.D: Advances in the characterization of vegetation biophysical parameters in orchards for the estimation of water requirements in precision irrigation (PRECIORCHARD)

Project Goals:

I) Assess the feasibility of photogrammetry, terrestrial LiDAR and radiative transfer models (RTM) for the practical assessment of fraction of intercepted Photosynthetically Active Radiation (fiPAR) in a variety of orchard configurations.

II) Benchmark, on a range of training systems, different methodological approaches for the estimation of Transpiration based on fiPAR.

III) Integrate the within-field maps of fiPAR, together with soil variability maps (e.g. from ECa sensors), in a geostatistical approach to delineate irrigation management zones and to identify the most representative spots within a field for point measurements (manual sampling and sensors).

IV) Validate remotely sensed estimates of fiPAR with measurements from lysimeters and eddy-covariance, and to demonstrate the assimilation of those estimates into a decision support system.



Jaume Casadesús - Efficient Use of Water program in Agriculture, IRTA

Alexandre Escolà - Research Group on AgroICT and Precision Agriculture - GRAP, UdL


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Last modified: 25/05/2021
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