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Research lines


In this page you will find a sample of past and present research lines carried out by the GRAP. To better know our latest work, visit the PUBLICATIONS section. If you are not sure about what is AgroICT or Precision Agriculture, click here.



Precision Agriculture


Electronic characterization of
vegetation and weeds

Geostatistical analysis and mapping of
variables at a field level

 Punts_lidar  Mapa


Variable dose rate of plant protection
products in tree crops


Dose adjustment and decision support system on plant protection products application

 Fluxpro  Dosafrut_CAT


Drift detection of plant protection products
by means of lidar sensors


Development of autonomous vehicles
for field sampling

 Lidar deriva Plataforma_automotriu 


Precision Livestock Farming


Precision feeding in pigs





Last modified: 22/05/2017
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