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KFuji RGB-DS database

The KFuji RGB-DS database is composed by 967 multi-modal images of Fuji apples on trees captured using Microsoft Kinect v2. Each image contains information from 3 different modalities: color(RGB), depth(D) and range corrected intensity(S) -related with the reflectance-. Find more information about this dataset here.



LFuji-air dataset

The LFuji-air dataset contains 3D LiDAR data of 11 Fuji apple trees scanned from different sensor positions and applying different forced air flow conditions, allowing the analysis of using forced air flow and different sensor positioning for fruit detection, yield prediction and geometric characterization. Find more information about this dataset here. 


Fuji-SfM dataset

Fuji-SfM dataset contains 582 images of 11 Fuji apple trees to generate the 3D model of the scanned scene by using structure-from-motion photogrammetry. Additionally, the dataset includes the position ground truth (in global coordinates) of the 1455 apples that contains the 11 scanned trees, as well as 288 additional images manually annotated to train and test the instance segmentation neural network Mask-RCNN. Find more information about this dataset here. Fuji_SfM_webimage

KEvOr dataset

The Kinect Evaluation in Orchard conditions (KEvOr) dataset is comprised of a set of RGB-D captures carried out with the Microsoft Kinect v2 to evaluate the performance of this sensor at different lighting conditions in agricultural orchards and from different distances to the measured target. The reader can find more information about this dataset here.


AgLiMatch dataset

The agricultural LiDAR data to evaluate scan matching techniques (AgLiMatch dataset) is comprised of a set of Velodyne VLP-16 LiDAR captures and the corresponding GNSS-RTK tracks acquired in a Fuji apple orchard using an autonomous platform. The reader can find more information about this dataset here.


Last modified: 04/01/2021
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